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What is a Scrutiny Panel?

We're recruiting new Scrutiny Panel Members - get in touch if you're interestested in learning new skills and applying your expertise.

Have you got something to say about our services and want to help us to make a positive change, while gaining valuable experience and enhancing your skills?

If yes, you might enjoy joining our Scrutiny Panel!

What is a Scrutiny Panel?

A scrutiny panel is an independent team of residents who work closely with ISHA’s staff, Committee and Board members to review services and performance, and suggest ways we can do things better.

Scrutiny panel members carry out a range of different activities such as looking at policies and performance information, speaking to other customers and shadowing staff.

The Panel meets semi-regularly and have the option to contribute online.

Why join the Scrutiny Panel?

This is a great opportunity for you to make a real impact for all ISHA’s customers, learn new skills and meet interesting people. We will offer you free high quality training and cover your expenses, including child care and travel.

Who can join the Scrutiny Panel?

Any ISHA customer can apply to join the scrutiny panel!
You do not have to have any specific qualifications or have done anything like this before. However, we are looking for people who are:

  • organised
  • good at communicating
  • have basic computer skills
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able express their views and listen to others views

For everything else ISHA will provide full training and support.

How to Apply

Get in contact, either by phone (0300 131 7300) or email ( and we'll be in touch!

Check out what our scrutiny panel has been doing over the last year and what they are planning for the future here.

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