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ISHA's Scrutiny Panel

We're recruiting! If you want to get involved with the ISHA Scrutiny Panel, get in touch.

The first panel

Their first review:

6 members were been fully trained and worked with external support to carry out an indepth review of our complaints process. They did this by:

  • Interviewing and speaking to various members of staff
  • Carring out their own surveys with other customers and staff
  • Shadowing staff to understand how they deal with complaints
  • Mystsery shopping
  • Looking at our policies, procedures and performance data
  • Benchmarking ISHA against other housing associations

Their report:

At the end of their investigation the panel wrote a detailed report for ISHA which included recommendations on how we can improve our complaints service.

You can read a summary of the main points of their report here

Their report was read by all managers who are involved in the complaints process as well as our Housing Services Sub Committee. A presentaion was also given to all ISHA staff at our monthly staff meeting.


We have now agreed an action plan to make sure we follow through on the panel's suggestions. This includes carrying out a total review of our complaints policy and process, as well as updating our complaints form.

Next steps:

Although the panel was put on hold, ISHA is now re-opening the panel, if you want to get involved, get in touch at



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