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Sounding Board

Want to be more involved in shaping the services you receive but struggle to find the time? Then our Sounding Board may be for you!

Our Sounding Board is a easy, undemanding and quick way to get involved and help us improve our services. It is perfect if you are not able to come into our offices for meetings or commit long periods of time to participating with us.

Current Feedback:

-There are currently no Sounding Board activities active-


Send any feedback to our Customer Services Team at or call 0300 131 7300.


What is a Sounding Board?

Our Sounding Board is made up of a group of customer volunteers who will be asked to carry out reviews as and when we need them. These will mostly, but not exclusively, be looking into:

  • ISHA policies, procedures or strategies
  • pamphlets
  • website content
  • forms

As part of these reviews, members of the Sounding Board will be asked to comment on content, implications for other customers and give recommendations.

Members are encouraged to carry out their reviews online. However, if you are are not comfortable communicating digitally, you can also do this by post.

What happens with your feedback?

Recommendations and feedback from our Sounding Board is taken seriously and used to improve literature and policies. It may also be reported to our Housing Services Sub Committee.

Any changes we make as a result of our Sounding Board's comments will always be communicated to members of the Sounding Board who took part in each project, as well as all our customers.

Want to join?

If you are interested in joining our Sounding Board you can email us or fill in this form:


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