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Start/Finish Groups

Current Opportunities:

-There are currently no opportunities for the start/finish group-


To apply to join any of the follow Start/Finish groups send us an email telling us which group you are interested in

Description of Project
Type of Involvement
Time Committements



What is a Start/Finish Group?

Start/Finish Groups are temporary groups that are created to get customer input on specific projects. For instance on service reviews, policy and strategy reviews or tendering for a major contract.

The size, structure, activities and time committments of a start/finish group will vary and be dependent on the project it is working on. You will be given all this relevant information before you start the project. 

If needed, you may also be given training to help you participate fully in your start/finish group.

ISHA staff will support and work with Start/Finish groups on each project. They will also ensure members of the group are updated on the results of their involvement.

How to get involved?

See above for any current or upcoming start/finish groups. To apply to join any of these email us and advise which group you would like to be part of.

If you would like to be involved in a start/finish group in the future you can register your interest below. We will then get in touch with you when a relevant opportunity arises.

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