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Our History

History of Lien Viet Housing Association and Refugees from Vietnam in the UK


  • Refugees from Vietnam begin arriving in numerous countries including the UK.
  • UK government operates a dispersal policy which isolates many of the Vietnamese people away from any support and provision of services that meet their needs.


  • Despite the dispersal policy the first Vietnamese community groups are established, mainly in London.


  • The start of new arrivals from refugee camps.
  • Dispersal policy for the new arrivals continues.


  • An Viet Housing Association (now Lien Viet HA) is formed to specifically address the housing needs of refugees from Vietnam. Its mission was to provide a "safe haven" in the form of affordable, culturally sensitive housing.
  • First short-life properties managed in Hackney by An Viet.
  • Secondary migration begins as many Vietnamese resettle in major cities, particularly London. The lack of national and in many cases local strategies to support Vietnamese people is a major cause of resettlement.
  • Arrivals from refugee camps slow down due to changes in application procedures. Programme of repatriation is instituted by UK government affecting many Vietnamese refugees.


  • An Viet HA becomes the first Vietnamese housing association to be registered with the Housing Corporation.


  • An Viet HA widens its objectives to include meeting the housing needs of the wider community while retaining its primary aim of housing people from Vietnam. An Viet placed under Housing Corporation supervision.
  • Number of Vietnamese people living in the LB Hackney is over 3,000 compared to just 200 in 1980.
  • First new build and hostel schemes completed in LB Hackney.


  • An Viet becomes a subsidiary of Ujima HA, a leading BME organisation.
  • Resettlement of Vietnamese people in major cities is now no more than a trickle.
  • Growth in housing needs of the single, homeless within the Vietnamese community recognised by An Viet through the provision of 3 hostels.


  • An Viet restructures its board and staffing.


  • An Viet is formally removed from Housing Corporation supervision allowing the commencement of various stock transfers from other housing associations


  • An Viet commissions research into the housing needs of the Vietnamese community by Warwick University.


  • 'Building Futures' research findings are officially launched and highlight the need to address the lack of adequate housing for Vietnamese elderly; people with mental health needs; single homeless and domestic violence survivors.


  • An Viet changes its name to Lien Viet Housing Association and moves to new offices


  • Completion of new purpose built offices at Morning Lane, Hackney with ten one-bed flats above allowing the move-on of hostel tenants
  • Lien Viet organises Community Consultation day


  • Following Community consultation a national network of Vietnamese workers is set up.


  • Following the collapse of Ujima HA in 2007, Lien Viet joins the Islington & Shoreditch Housing Group in October 2008.


  • Lien Viet Board restructures the organisation so that it can concentrate on developing specialist housing support and advice for Vietnamese, Chinese, and wider South East Asian communities in London.  Landlord services are now provided by the parent company, ISHA.  You can go to the ISHA homepage to report anti-social behaviour, report domestic violence, report a repair and pay your rent.  
  • Support is available to all customers of Lien Viet Housing Association and to ISHA's Vietnamese and South East Asian customers.  We can also provide support to members of the wider Vietnamese and South East Asian community. We hold regular drop-in sessions in the community. You can find your nearest session on our events calendar.  Our Outreach and Support Officers speak English and Vietnamese and can access support in other languages.
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