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Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA)
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0300 131 7300

About ISHA

Our Performance

How we are Doing

These are the Key Performance Indicators that we report to you every three months:

  • How well we are resolving your complaints
  • Time taken to answer phones
  • How many homes have a current gas safety check certificate
  • How we are performing with your repairs
  • How much rent we have collected
  • Number of customers involved in ISHA's decision making

For the most recent information on how we're performing check our current performance interactive report

Statistics on ISHA's Homes

This is an interactive analysis of our housing stock.  This is reported to the regulator on an annual basis through the Statistical Data Return

Value For Money

The way we report Value for Money has changed, to match the change in regulatory focus. Whilst the basic principles remain the same, the revised approach seeks to strengthen board accountability and enhance consistency, comparability and transparency.  ISHA's 2018 Financial Statements report includes a set of industry wide metrics that report ISHA's business health and operational efficiency and compares this against other housing associations.  We also report on our operational performance against others, and a summary of the Group’s value for money improvement plan, outcomes for 2017/18 and the improvement targets for 2018/19.

ISHA's Asset Management Strategy 2015-2020 was reviewed and updated March 2018. 

ISHA's Board's  contributed to the consultation that informed on these changes in December 2017.

Customer Satisfaction

Since June 2016 ISHA has been carrying out telephone customer satisfaction surveys with help from a company called Critical. For the first month, 100 customers were surveyed based on recent interactions with ISHA (for example, repairs or new tenancies). Each month since then another 10-30 customers have been surveyed based on recent interactions. In addition, in the summer of 2017 we surveyed another 375 customers to get a better sense of areas for improvement.

The goal of this survey programme is to monitor customer satisfaction during a time of change and to improve services based on feedback.

Since June 2016, we have seen a slight improvement in customer satisfaction – from 74% of customers rating ISHA as “good” or “very good” in June 2016, to 76% in the period from July 2016 to December 2017. However, overall customer satisfaction with a particular interaction has decreased over this period, particularly with repairs.


From these surveys, we have been able to identify some key areas for improvement. For example, a number of customers noted that they do not receive enough information about services from ISHA. In response to this, follow-up cards are now used for repairs and the Neighbourhoods Team is providing more information to customers about their cleaning & gardening (see In Your Area for details).

We have also identified process failures in repairs and gas repairs that have led to things like a lack of follow-up or missed appointments. We are continuing to use feedback from these surveys to improve the services we provide, and we appreciate those who have taken the time to share their experiences.

Starting in 2018, we will be changing to a new survey provider and will be sending surveys primarily via text and email; however we will continue carrying out some phone surveys to capture a wide view of customer feedback.

For past customer satisfaction results, see the 2014 Star survey Executive Summary.

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