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Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA)
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Welcome to Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association

0300 131 7300

About ISHA

Openness and transparency

Our commitment to accountability

ISHA Group is committed to accounting for its actions and performance in an open and transparent manner. This commitment is to our customers, local communities, partners, regulators and other stakeholders. We publish information about how we perform, what we spend and how we are governed, so that anyone who has an interest in our work can find out about the services we provide and our effectiveness.

Openness about what we do

We publish up to date details of the services we provide to customers, and how to access them. We also publish key policies including our policies on allocating housing, repairs and complaints. Copies of all our policies are available on request. We will consult with customers about policies to be published through resident involvement and scrutiny.

We have adopted the National Housing Federation’s (NHF) Code of Governance 2020. We undertake an annual review of compliance against our Code of Governance and publish a statement of compliance in our Annual Report and Financial Statements.

Openness about our priorities and performance

It is important that our customers and other stakeholders are able to openly access information on our priorities and are able to review our performance.

If you would like any information about Board decisions or priorities, please email your request to

Openness about what we spend

We publish a value for money statement in our financial statements (pdf, 1.2mb) and our Residents' Annual Report 2022/23 (pdf, 3.1mb). The financial statements outlines a range of information including:

  • operating cost per social housing unit
  • total operating cost per unit
  • operating surplus on social lettings
  • spend per unit on maintenance, management, services, new supply and overheads
  • arrears collection (and bad debt generally)
  • debt per unit. An alternative might be debt as a % of turnover or in addition average cost of debt.

We also publish details of spend over £500 on development schemes which are funded through the Affordable Rent Programme.

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