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Service charges

What is a service charge?

Service Charge is a payment you pay towards the cost of communal services and repairs provided by ISHA in your estate/block.

As an ISHA customer, you are responsible for paying your rent and service charges.

Common examples of service charges:

  • Lift servicing & maintenance
  • Estate cleaning and grounds maintenance
  • Entryphone maintenance
  • Repairs to communal facilities
  • Health & safety checks
  • Communal electricity and water

When do I receive my service charge

Every February you will receive a list of your esimated service charges.  This information will also show how much you have to pay weekly/monthly for your share.

Why have my service charges increased

In some areas, service charges have increased due to increasing legislation and regulation around health and safety particularly in block of flats where a number of cases have put the spotlight on the safety of customers. New regulations have led to an increase in health and safety requirements. We have a duty of care to carry out Fire Risk Assessments on all internal communal areas to minimise the risk of fire, electrical and legionnaire testing, emergency lighting testing and to regularly check asbestos in our properties.  As a responsible landlord, we take the safety and security of our customers very seriously and will not compromise.

If you have any queries relating to your services charges, contact our Customer Services Team on 0300 131 7300. Alternatively, you can email

Information for shared owners and leaseholders only

At the end of every financial year we compare how much it actually costs to provide the services with the original estimates.

If we have spent more than the estimated service charge there will be a deficit and an invoice will be sent to you to make up the shortfall.

If we have spent less than the original estimated service charge there will be a surplus and it will be credited back to your account. This information will be reflected in the service charge final account we send to you in September each year.

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