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The Future of St Mary's Path Estate


In July 2017 Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA) commissioned Baily Garner to conduct a stock condition survey of St Mary's Path Estate in Islington, in a response to on-going issues with damp.

This is because over the years a number of customers have made complaints about damp, defects and general wear and tear across St Mary's Path Estate.  ISHA has previously responded on a case by case basis to rectify any issues.  However, with the persistence of damp and the age of the buildings ISHA Board thought it prudent to review the entire estate.

The stock condition survey findings, known as the Options Report, offers different options for solution to ISHA.  It will mean ISHA delivering financial investment to; address the issues of damp completely, as well as to provide the circa 80 year old buildings with at least a further 30 year life span.  

Working with our customers to realise the solution for St Mary's Path Estate is very important to us. ISHA Board has instructed that we must talk to customers first before any detailed work on possible options is done.  This is because we understand that the people who live on the estate have 'living knowledge' of their buildings and area so well, and the Board want that feedback to inform the decision of what options to look at further.

We had previously called this piece of work with customers a consultation but we have realised that by calling it a consultation, customers have been put in the position of feeling that this is the only stage they will be able to have a say.  This is not the case.  This very early stage is about seeking the views of our customers about which option(s) we should do further work on.  It is not about choosing a final option.  It is a conversation.

About St Mary's Path Estate

St Mary's Path Estate sits in the heart of Angel, in Islington, between Upper Street and Essex Road and is made up of 115 homes across 6 blocks;

  • Victor Cazalet House
  • Salisbury House
  • Robinson Court
  • St Mary's House
  • Walters House
  • 21-32 St Mary's House

St Mary's Path is one of ISHA's oldest estates.  The majority of the estate was constructed circa 1930-40's whilst Walters House was developed slightly later in the 1950's.

We are very fond and extremely proud of St Mary's Path Estate.


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