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Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA)
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Welcome to Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association

0300 131 7300


Damp and mould – See it, report it!

Damp and mould - see it, report it buttonAt ISHA, we take all reports of damp and mould very seriously.

If you spot any sign of damp and mould, please report it to us immediately, even if the problem is only small. Contact our Customer Service Team on 0300 131 7300, email or visit our office between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

There are lots of reasons wh​y damp and mould can occur in your home. To make sure every case is properly investigated, we will visit and assess your home.

What will happen when I report damp and mould?

​We will visit your home and identify the causes. Where possible, we will complete any works immediately. If the damp and mould problem cannot be treated during a single visit, and further work is required, we will let you know how this work will be undertaken. The length of time for the repair will depend on the seriousness of the issue. We will also offer you advice about the things you can do to help prevent damp, mould, and condensation in the future.

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