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Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA)
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0300 131 7300

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Repairs service standards

ISHA's Service Standards

When you report a repair to ISHA we have a set of promises that lay out what you can expect from us. We call these our Service Standards.

These standards explain what to expect from us, from the moment you first contact the Customer Service Team all the way to the completion of the repair.

Our service promises:

  1. We will check the history of the repair and any useful information.
  2. We will take enough information when you call so that we can try to complete the repair on the first visit.
  3. We will raise the order while you are on the phone.
  4. We will book the appointment with you and our contractor or our surveyor.
  5. For all other contractors you will be contacted by them directly.
  6. We will always give you the job number and confirm your appointment time and description of work ordered.
  7. We will send you a confirmation. If the repair is for a communal area the details of the repair will be posted on your noticeboard.
  8. If more work is needed or the job is not finished we will give you an information card explaining what happens next.
  9. If you ring with a repair query and the information is not available right away, we will ring you back within 24 hours with an update.
  10. All email requests from you will be replied to within 2 working day.

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