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Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA)
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0300 131 7300

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How will ISHA deal with your Complaint?

We will take your complaint seriously and we will assess if there is a case of anti-social behaviour or it is a case of everyday noise.

To assess what action we will take our Housing Expert will talk to everybody named in your complaint; if you do not wish to be named we will treat your complaint confidentially. However, it may be harder to solve the problem if we cannot use all the options we have available such as mediation.

You will be asked to keep a diary sheet of incidents to support your concerns, either using our form [86Kb, PDF]. If there is a set pattern a member of our staff may visit you to witness the noise.

If you live on an estate or flat they may ask if others are affected by the noise and in some cases ask them to keep a diary of events too.

After reviewing your case we will look at the possible action that we can take.  After taking this action we will review what else we can do.  In some cases after we have fully investigated your case but feel we cannot take further action, usually because it is not a statutory nuisance, we will close your case.

If you are unhappy with this, you may wish to consider taking your own action.

You and your neighbour may be asked to attend mediation. Should your concerns need to be taken to court; the judge will look favourably on your case if mediation has been tried.

If the noise continues and there is evidence that the noise is excessive, persistent and intrusive, a warning letter will be sent advising of possible legal action.

If the noise nuisance persists we can serve a Notice of Seeking Possession this is the first stage of legal action to take possession of a property. Eviction is the last resort; every effort will be made to support you and your neighbours in your homes.


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