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Dealing with anti-social behaviour

We're committed to tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB) to improve the quality of life and create a safer environment for our customers. We are really keen to help you resolve any problems you may experience with ASB in your neighbourhood because we know how much it can spoil the enjoyment of living in your home.

Examples of anti-social behavior (ASB)

Examples of ASB may include but is not exhaustive:

  • Unreasonable noise nuisance
  • Intimidation or harassment
  • Aggressive and threatening behaviour to another person
  • Actual violence against another person
  • Hate crime that targets another person or group because of their perceived difference such as race or religion
  • Using accommodation to carry out illegal activity such as selling drugs and prostitution
  • Environmental ASB such as deliberate damage and misuse of communal areas

There are some issues which ISHA do not consider as ASB and we will provide advice and sign posting for anyone who reports these to us. Examples of these are as follows:

  • People walking across wooden floors whilst wearing shoes
  • Noise from domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, washing machines etc unless late at night and repeated
  • Noise from children playing outside, including football and other ball games
  • Arguments and squabbles between children
  • Family lifestyle e.g. cooking smells, talking in gardens, noise when children come home from school, differing lifestyles between young and more mature customers, friction between day and night workers
  • Overgrown hedges and garden
  • DIY work and occasional events such as BBQs and parties to celebrate special occasions


We do however recognise that people have different lifestyles and although someone’s behaviour may not be a statutory nuisance it can still be annoying to others. In these cases ISHA will offer mediation.

Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes without the need to go to court. It involves an independent third party - a mediator - who helps both sides come to an agreement. Mediation is a flexible process that can be used to settle disputes in a whole range of situations. If you would like to be considered for mediation please contact one of our Tenancy Officers on 0300 131 7300 or email at

Problems with noise

For problems with noise, please refer to the noise section of this website

Reporting a new problem

If you wish to report a new problem, please call your Tenancy Officer on 0300 131 7300 during office hours or email

If your report is an emergency then please dial 999

You can contact your local police station at any time to report any anti social behaviour.

Investigating anti-social behaviour

In order to take action against someone causing ASB we need plenty of detail about the problem, especially if it develops and we need you to help us collect any evidence. We recommend that you take notes of the dates and times of each incident and what the impact has been on you or members of your household.

We will use this in a number of ways and might want to use it in any legal action we take. The simplest way we can collect evidence is by asking you to keep a diary or log of what happens.

ISHA's anti-social behaviour policy

Anti-social behaviour booklets

Download our tenants leaflets for more information on anti-social behaviour.

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