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Some Frequently Asked Questions

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What is not noise nuisance?

ISHA will not intervene in disputes which we are not a statutory nuisance.   These are usually complaints about neighbours carrying out normal living activities.  This includes things such as general household noise such as talking, walking across wooden floors, vacuuming, noise from washing machines (except if they are on at unreasonable times), DIY, children playing within their homes and noise from children playing outside (except where this is at unreasonable times).  We also will not take any action for one off occurrences such as parties, barbecues, occasional arguments between family members etc

Every day, ordinary domestic noise, and the lack of sound insulation between properties cannot be deemed a statutory nuisance.

What can I do if I am experiencing noise nuisance?

The first time it happens you should speak to your neighbour as they may not be aware of how they are affecting you. You can try to talk through your differences with your neighbour and come to a solution to the problem.

Don't go and talk to your neighbour whilst you're feeling angry about the noise, a better solution may be reached if you remain calm and try to avoid conflict.  

If the noise continues make a record of the time, type of noise and how it is affecting you. Currently you can download a copy of our diary sheet [34Kb, PDF], please contact us if you would like to be sent a copy. 

If the noise relates to loud music call the local authority.

If you feel that the noise nuisance is a statutory nuisance and happens regularly then your neighbour may be in breach of their agreement with us. Our Housing Experts will investigate cases such as these, and if the nuisance persists we will take action against the person causing the nuisance.  If you would like to report noise nuisance please contact our Customer Services Team on 0300 131 7300 or email



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