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Residents' associations

What is a residents’ association?

A residents’ association (RA) is a group of people from a specific area who come together to address local issues and represent their community. They need to follow specific rules to ensure they are including all residents of a particular block/area in decision making. They can then act as a voice for their block when bringing issues to ISHA and undertake projects to improve their community.

What are the benefits of starting a residents’ association?

There are a number of benefits of starting a residents’ association:

  • A residents' association has a more powerful voice and influence in than one individual voice.
  • The residents' association can meet with ISHA to discuss issues of concern and seek to get them dealt with.
  • You can meet people from your estate / area and organise social events.
  • You will be building up the community spirit of your estate.
  • The residents' association enables people on the same estate / area to share experiences, skills and knowledge.
  • You can obtain grants from the ISHA or other grant giving bodies.
  • Residents' associations can become the main local body for consultation when the council or developers undertake major projects.

How to set up a residents’ association

Speak with your neighbours – put up a notice in the common areas, or speak with ISHA to explore alternative options to contact your neighbours and bring them together for a discussion. You can contact our Involvement Team for help.

  1. Agree with your interested neighbours to hold an official meeting (online or in-person)
  2. At the official meeting:
    • get agreement for the formation of the group
    • name the group
    • elect a committee (chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary)
    • decide on the aims of the group
    • forward the minutes of the meeting to ISHA.
  3. Formalities
    • A constitution will need to be written and agreed upon (ISHA has a template for this).
    • Create an email address for the tenants and resident association (TRA).
    • Open a bank account for the tenants and resident association.

Once these steps are completed the residents' association is officially recognised.

How can ISHA help?

After the residents' association is officially recognised, ISHA will provide:

  • a £200 set up grant
  • a £100 annual grant (each year thereafter)
  • annual Zoom account for the chair of the TRA (you must use a TRA email account, not a personal one)
  • printing and admin services
  • a board room venue for in-person meetings.

Residents disscussing together

More information

If you'd like to find out more information, contact our Resident Involvement Team by emailing or call 0300 131 7300 to get started.

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