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Resident Scrutiny Panel

Members of ISHA's Resident Scrutiny Panel
Six out of the eight members at their November meeting. L-R: Sarah Mace (Chair), Sharon Cunningham (Deputy Chair), Jay Jackson, Mimi Scully, Elizabeth Gordon, Joy Mobbs.

What is a scrutiny panel?

Our resident scrutiny panel is an independent group of residents who work with ISHA to improve the services we provide and monitor our performance.

The ISHA Resident Scrutiny Panel works closely with our Resident Involvement Team to look at the decisions and recommendations made at resident action forums and meets regularly with the ISHA Board and Leadership Team.

Our resident involvement and engagement strategy (pdf, 1.1mb) provides a comprehensive overview of the scrutiny panel and its work.

Why join a scrutiny panel?

ISHA’s Resident Scrutiny Panel is a great opportunity for you to make a real impact for all ISHA’s residents, learn new skills and meet interesting people. We will offer you free, high quality training and cover your expenses, including child care and travel.

Who can join a scrutiny panel?

Any ISHA resident can apply to join the Scrutiny Panel. You do not have to have any specific qualifications or have done anything like this before. However, we are looking for people who are:

  • organised
  • good at communicating
  • have basic computer skills
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able express their views and listen to others views.

Meet the Chair of the Scrutiny Panel

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you’ve been with ISHA

Hi! I’m Sarah, interim Chair of the ISHA Resident Scrutiny Panel. I have been an ISHA resident for 14 years, based in Hackney.

What motivated you to join the Scrutiny Panel?

I joined the panel as I believe in people being part of decisions that affect their lives and futures. I want to ensure that ISHA can deliver the best services for all residents, leaseholders or general needs tenants.

Decisions must be shaped by the people who live with them – not just those who manage the money, policies and processes that make the decisions.

What would you say to residents about the panel's role and its upcoming work?

We are a new panel, and we are motivated to provide solutions affecting all of us – not just individuals.

Once we have completed training and got to know ISHA better, we will undertake several reviews. If you receive any invitation to take part, please engage with those things from ISHA. Email the resident engagement team at if you want to contact us.

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