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0300 131 7300

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Claiming Housing Benefit

If you receive state benefits or are on a low income, you may be entitled to receive Housing Benefit. This is paid and administered by your Local Authority. You can check your entitlement here.

Remember, if you receive or claim housing benefit, you are responsible for ensuring that your claim is processed by the Local Authority quickly to avoid arrears of rent on your account. This applies even if payments are made directly to us.

Claims for housing benefit cannot usually be backdated, so it is important that you send or take your claim form to the Housing Benefit office as soon as possible and obtain a receipt. If you need any help filling in the form please speak to our Customer Services Team on 0300 131 7300 or e-mail

It is your responsibility to keep the housing benefit office informed of any change in your circumstances, which might affect your claim. For example if you start work after being unemployed.

If you are claiming benefits you must tell your local Department of Work and Pensions office your new address and provide proof of your new tenancy.


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