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Customer Accounts FAQ's

Customer Accounts FAQ’s

Q Why do I have to pay a week’s rent in advance?
A When you signed your tenancy agreement you agreed to pay your rent a week in advance. We expect this to be paid even if you are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal credit.

Q How can I pay my rent?
A We offer a variety of ways to pay your rent. You can pay by Direct Debit, Standing order, payment card, online or telephone banking or in an emergency credit card or debit card at the office. Allpay online and housing benefit paid directly to ISHA.

Q What should I do if I can't pay my rent?
A Contact our Customer Services Team straight away to let them know. They will offer you practical advice and guidance to access available services.

Q What can you do to help if I can't pay my rent?
A We can help you by listening to what you tell us. Agree a suitable plan with you, inform you of other agencies that may be able to assist you and help you check if you are entitled to benefits. Depending on the level of your arrears we may expect you to complete an Income and Expenditure plan in order to ensure you can make the payments as agreed.

Q If I pay my rent by direct debit who will amend my DD if there are rent changes?
A We will advise your bank of any increase to your rent.

Q If I pay my rent by standing order who will amend my DD if there are rent changes?
A You will need to contact your bank to make any changes to your standing order

Q Why am I being chased for small rent arrears when I know people owe much, much more?
A We will contact anyone who is in arrears whatever the amount is. We need the income from rent to continue providing our services. Other people who have rent arrears may be subject to action but you may not be aware of it.

Q I need help with budgeting and debt advice.  Who can help me?
A You can contact Step change on 0800 138 1111 or you can contact our Customer Service team who can send you details of other agencies in your area who provide a free service.  Please see our online help resources on benefits.

Q How can I pay off my arrears?
A You can contact our Customer Services Team to make an arrangement with an amount you can afford and are able to stick to. Depending on the level of arrears we may expect you to complete a budget sheet to see what your monthly Income and Expenditure is in order to ensure you can make the payments as agreed. We would also advise you to check your benefit entitlement

Q Can I get help with my rent?
A We would always suggest that you use Entitled to calculators to check your entitlement to benefits. You can find this link on our web page under online help and resources.

Q Why does my rent statement show arrears when I don’t pay my rent. I'm on full or partial housing benefits?
A Housing Benefit is usually paid 4 weeks in arrears. As your rent is charged weekly you should make every effort to ensure that your rent account is paid in advance at all times. When we send the rent statement, they will state the amount outstanding at the time they are printed without taking into account what payments may be due.

Q What should I do if I am waiting for Housing Benefit to be paid?
A If you are waiting for Housing Benefit to be paid you should tell us. Housing Benefit should be assessed within 4 weeks of the office receiving your claim as long as you have supplied all of the information required. We can give you advice of this if your claim is delayed. You can of course check what you may be entitled to and pay any shortfall due to avoid any further action. We will not usually take action if we know you are waiting for a claim and we have seen evidence to confirm what your assessed entitlement is and you are making the shortfall in payments;

Q My payment card does not work, how can I order a new one?
A You can contact our Customer Services Team who will order you a new one. However, this does not mean that you cannot pay your rent as our Customer Service Team can accept a payment using your credit or debit card.

Q How long will it take to receive a payment card?
A This can take up to 7 days for you to receive as it is posted to you directly from our suppliers.

Q Can I stop paying my rent if I am waiting for a rent card?
A No as we provide you with several other ways to make your payment if you do not have a rent card. If you do not make a payment then we will continue to take action against you for non-payment.

Q My payment I made is missing from my account?
A How did you make the payment & on what date? We will need you to provide us a copy of your receipt to our Customer Service Team in order investigate this.

Q How do I claim housing benefit?
A You can claim housing benefit at your local authority office. You can also check our online resources page for turther information.
Q How do I claim Universal credit?
A You can claim Universal Credit at your local job centre or online.

Q Why have I been sent an arrears letter as I have applied for Housing Benefit?
A You are responsible for paying your rent. If your housing benefit has not been paid to cover your rent you are responsible for chasing this up until your rent has been paid. If you do not contact us and your rent remains unpaid then we will take action against you to recover the unpaid rent.

Q Can I stop an eviction?
A The earlier you take action or get advice the better. It is more difficult to make agreements at a late stage. 

Q Can you evict me even though I have a family?
A We start procedures for eviction due to serious rent arrears. We will try to help and offer advice and referrals to appropriate agencies but if you persistently fail to pay the rent, you could lose your home. This is regardless of who lives with you or if you have a family

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