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Bedroom tax

What is Bedroom Tax?

Bedroom Tax (also known as under occupancy charge or the Spare Room Subsidy) was introduced as part of the Welfare Reforms in April 2013. This means that if you live in a property which has one or more spare room then you will receive less entitlement to housing benefit.

If you have one spare bedroom you will lose 14% of your entitled housing benefit.

If you have two or more spare bedrooms you will lose 25% of your entitlement to housing benefit

Who will 'Bedroom Tax' affect?

You will be affected by the tax if you receive housing benefit and are of working age (over 16 but under 61).

Who will Bedroom Tax NOT affect?

Bedroom Tax will not affect you if you;

  • Receive a state pension.
  • Rent a shared ownership property.
  • Have a severely disabled child who requires a room of their own.
  • Are a foster carer
  • Are in the arm forces
  • Require the use of a room for an overnight carer and this has been agreed by your local authority.
  • Temporary or supported accommodation.

What are the bedroom tax rules?

Children of both sexes under the age of 10 are expected to share a bedroom.  

Children of the same gender under the age of 16 would be expected to share a bedroom.

Couples and adults are entitled to have bedrooms of their own.

If you share access to a child only one parent can claim Bedroom Tax allowance.

What are my options if I have a spare room?

If you have a spare room and want to stay you must increase your payments to make up for the shortfall in your housing benefits.

You may wish to take in a lodger. You will need to seek permission from ISHA before you do this.

You can swap your home with someone else who needs more bedrooms than they currently have. You must seek permission from ISHA before you can swap your home.

You can apply to downsize your home.

What would I need to consider before taking in a lodger?

You would need to seek permission from ISHA before taking a lodger.

You will also need to contact your insurance company as they may not be covered for loss or damage to their contents under your insurance.

What happens if I cannot pay the shortfall in rent?

You must speak to our Customer Service Team immediately on 0300 131 7300. Our officers can give you helpful advice but your rent must be paid to avoid any action being taken against you for non payment.

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