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Customers' Questions

Questions about Your Neighbours and Anti-Social Behaviour

How do I report anti-social behaviour?

During working hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm) you can report anti-social behaviour to the Housing Experts. In cases of emergency you should contact the Police by dialling 999.

My neighbour is subletting

If you are a tenant and you rent all or part of your home to someone else, this is called subletting. The person who pays you rent is a subtenant. However, you will continue to be responsible for the tenancy obligations whether you live in the property or not. But before you can sublet all or part of your home, you must have obtained the consent of your landlord.

In most instances sub-letting the whole of your home is not allowed and if you do this without our permission you could be committing tenancy fraud which is a criminal offence. 

If you know of a property that is not being used by the legal tenant, you can report this in confidence to ISHA.

You can do this, anonymously if you wish. Alternatively you can email If you would like to be kept informed, you can leave your details and an officer will contact you. ISHA takes issue of illegal subletting seriously and if we suspect someone of subletting without our consent we will carry out an investigation and gather evidence for court proceedings.

My neighbour is harrassing me

If you are being harrassed by your neighbour, please contact the Housing Experts.  You will need to be clear about the type of harrassment, the date and times, what happened and who witnessed it.  You should also report the harrassment to the Police.

What will ISHA do about anti-social behaviour?

We will investigate complaints of the anti-social behaviour (ASB).  We will work with the complainants and those being complained about to try to resolve the ASB in an amicable way which could include a referral for mediation.  If this fails and the ASB continues and is serious we will take legal action against the perpetrators.

You can also check out the anti-social behaviour section on this website for more information.

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