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Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association (ISHA)
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London N4 2DR

0300 131 7300

Welcome to Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association

0300 131 7300


Always ask for ISHA IDs

A man with an ID at the door of a resident

At ISHA, we've heard about some people pretending to be ISHA surveyors to get into homes without permission. 

We want to make sure everyone feels safe, so we're asking for your help.

First, if someone comes to your door saying they're from ISHA, please ask them to show you their ID. 

We always send out a message before we visit, so if you weren't expecting someone, don't let them in.

If you're not sure if the person at your door really works for ISHA, please call our Customer Service Team on 0300 131 7300. 

We're here to help and will tell you if the visit is real or not.

We care about keeping our community safe. By checking IDs and calling us if something seems strange, we can all help keep each other safe. Thanks for your cooperation!

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