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Finding the right locksmith

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If you find yourself needing to get locks changed, it’s important you hire someone fully qualified and responsible. Here’s how you can guarantee you get the right service. 

Be careful who you hire 

ISHA recommends hiring someone who has been approved by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA). You can find your nearest MLA approved locksmith on their website. All MLA approved locksmith companies are:  

  • Vetted by a DBS Security Check 
  • Regularly inspected by MLA 
  • Employ a qualified locksmith (i.e. somebody with an exam-based proof of competence). 

Not everyone who advertises themselves as a locksmith is fully qualified so it’s important to make sure you’re hiring a vetted professional; to ensure your repair is done correctly and to protect yourself from scams. MLA estimates there are around 6,500 unlicensed locksmith’s trading in the UK. 

It’s good practice to ask for the name of the locksmith who will be attending and asking for ID when they arrive. You should also ask if the quoted price covers the call-out fee only, as some companies may try to add costs once on-site. If you would like further information and tips on hiring a good locksmith, please see the links below. 

How to find a good locksmith (6 Tips) 

What are some red flags when hiring a locksmith? 

Average locksmith prices and checklist (2023) 

What happens if I am locked out? 

If you are locked out during typical working hours (09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday) you should call a locksmith to attend the property. They will do so at your expense as ISHA do not pay for the cost of replacing locks unless in exceptional circumstances i.e. the door had to be forced open in an emergency. We will request proof in this scenario.  

If you are locked out of your property outside of those hours and you cannot get through to a locksmith, please call ISHA on 0300 131 7300. You will be put through to our out-of-hours service who can arrange an emergency locksmith’s visit. ISHA will pay for this service in order to see the repair is carried out quickly, however the costs will be charged back to you.   

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