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Questions about lift maintenance, service charges and procedures

Two lifts in a building

Having a communal lift in a multi-story building can be helpful and convenient for residents, but it can lead to questions about maintenance, service charges, and what to do if there is a problem with the lift.

In this article, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about the functionality and upkeep of the communal lifts in our properties.

Does my service charge include the lift?

If you live in a building with a lift, part of your service charge covers the servicing and necessary repairs to the lift. Lifts are checked each month to help maintain their reliability and longevity.

How often does ISHA carry out maintenance of the lift?

Our lifts are given routine maintenance checks every month to ensure they’re working as they should and identify any potential issues.

How do I report an issue with the lift?

If you think there is an issue with your lift or it is out of service, call us on 0300 131 7300 or email

What information do you need from me when reporting an issue with the lift?

If you’re reporting an issue with the lift, it’s helpful for us if you can provide as much information as possible. This will help us diagnose the problem and quickly get the lift working again.

If known, please help us by providing:

  • the floor on which the lift has broken down
  • any fault codes that are visible
  • any other information you think might be helpful, e.g. The circumstances that caused the lift to break down.  

What happens after I report the lift isn’t working?

When a lift is reported as out of use, we start by creating a record on our repairs system. This creates a job reference number assigned to Apex, our lift contractors. Apex will investigate the issue and attempt to resolve it within 4-24 hours.

If Apex finds it’s a complex issue that requires follow-up work, they’ll provide us with a quote for the additional work needed. Daily updates on the status of the lift repair are maintained in an internal shutdown report.

How does ISHA keep me informed if the lift is out of service?

If the lift is out of service, we will contact all residents of the building by SMS on the day the breakdown is reported to us and acknowledge there is an issue with the lift, we are aware of it and are working with Apex to get it resolved as soon as possible.

We’ll keep you informed with weekly SMS updates until the lift is fixed and working correctly.

Do we have your mobile number so we can send you text (SMS) messages? Call 0300 131 7300 or email to update your contact details. 

Does ISHA provide help to residents when a lift is out of service?

If the lift is expected to be out of service for some time or there are vulnerable or disabled residents in the building, we can ask our contractors to assist you.

For example, we can arrange for someone to help you carry shopping, a pram or bulky items up the stairs to your home. 

If you need assistance while a lift is out of service, contact us on 0300 131 7300 or email

More information

If you have any questions about the lift where you live or need more information, contact us on 0300 131 7300 or email

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