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Need to get bulky waste collected?

Removal crew taking a couch away

If you have bulk items that need to be disposed of, there are a few options available to you. 

Free collection from the BHF 

The British Heart Foundation collect furniture and electrical goods to resell in their charity shops. If you have something you no longer use, but someone else might want, you can donate it to the British Heart Foundation. Go on their website, give them your postcode and tell them about the items. They’ll ask you when they can come and collect the items from you for free, all you need to do is provide them with a suitable date for you. 

Arrange a bulk item collection with your local council 

Some councils will collect items for free. You can find out more about collection services in your area, by following the links below.  

  • Camden - £25 for up to 5 items, or 20 black bags. 
  • Hackney  - Costs vary, unless you receive housing benefit. 
  • Haringey - Costs vary. 
  • Islington - £10 per item, with a minimum cost of £30. There's a 50% discount if you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax support. 
  • Tower Hamlets - Up to five items collected for free, twice a year. 
  • Waltham Forest – Up to five items collected for free per booking. 

There are also a number of private collection companies you could hire. 

Fly-tipping and the law 

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence, and we are keen to tackle the issue so you don’t have to see waste spoiling your area. Fly-tipping is illegal and can result in a penalty of up to £50,000 or imprisonment. Not only does is spoil the neighbourhood, it can also be a health risk and cause damage to the environment. 

When there are instances of fly-tipping, ISHA will have to arrange collection with our cleaning contractor to remedy the problem. Our contractor charges for these collections, which means it will be added to your service charges. 

What happens when there’s fly-tipping in my area? 

When we can identify the culprit, we will charge them for the cost of clear up.  

If you see items which have been dumped in your area, please contact ISHA via 0300 131 7300 or by emailing If you can, please describe or provide photos of the dumped items. We will arrange for a clean-up to take place as soon as possible.  

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